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The Sparkling Crab Glitter Co.

Glitter Gone Wild (Mystery Mixes)

Glitter Gone Wild (Mystery Mixes)

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****MUST READ*****

There are 27 Fines/Ultra Fines and  29 Chunkies available!

By purchasing a Glitter Gone Wild, you are aware that this is a mystery glitter mixing game that will be done live on TikTok. Please join our Facebook group for notifications of dates and times of lives.

We are picking random numbers that are assigned to the above glitters. I will pull the numbers, pull the assigned glitters with those numbers, mix all three glitters and bottle them for you live on TikTok.

Keep in mind your mix may turn out to be stunning or your mix may turn out crazy! It's truly a gamble! Please know that this is a game!

All sales are FINAL! 

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